The Moianès is an area with many rock climbing locations, perfect for all levels, from beginners to top professionals.


On foot is the best way to get to experience the Moianès natural environment.


Discover the fascinating world of mushrooms and enjoy the flavours that nature offers.


Discover the Moianès area on horseback or maybe take a riding course, offered at all levels, or a game of horseball, Raid or horse jumping. Also available are boxes and paddocks.

Escape and have a weekend break on horseback in breathtaking nature, enjoy the forests and the mountains, the landscape and the silence.

Monestir de l'Estany

In this location, more than 900 years ago- in 1080- a small community of monks established itself in order to live together following the Rule of Saint Augustine.


When speaking about the Moianès region you cannot avoid mentioning its cuisine, its agriculture and livestock, the fruits of the forest or the hunting and ecological products.

You can find finely-produced delicious dishes full of personality and originality, like an assortment of mushrooms, cold meats, cooked meats, cheeses,…and obviously the typical Baiaton dish.


The Montbrú-Moià Club offers players a pleasant experience thanks to a combination of a 9-hole course of a Par 32, technically demanding and of a accessible size.

Poues de glaç

A typical example of Catalan architecture, the Pous or Pouse, circular pits in the ground which are commonly crowned with an oval dome…. These can be visited in Castellterçol, scarcely more than a few dozen remain intact.

Coves del toll

Discover our origins by visiting these prehistoric caves situated in Moià, one of the richest areas of Quaternari fauna in Europe during the Würm glaciation: Hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, cave bears, lions, hyenas, primitive oxen, mountain goats…